Jonas Raneryd

My name is Jonas Raneryd. Everything I do, create, or find interesting shows up here. It's a simple as that!

Hi, my name is Jonas Raneryd

I'm a Creative Director working for the real estate business REVENY and an entrepreneur. I co-founded the Gothenburg coworking space Creative Loop which I'm currently running together with two other co-founders.

I occasionally work with clients who need help with design and/or development, although I mostly tend to work on my own projects. Get in touch with me if you're looking for someone who can help you with those things, if not me, I know plenty of amazing people who can offer you what you need.

The feed on this site contains things I'm interested in or stuff I create, everything that I think is worth sharing.

The design and core of this website was inspired by Susty, a WordPress theme built as a sustainability experiment (delivering a WordPress site in just 7 KB). This website however is not using WordPress, instead I built a very simple flat file CMS using Markdown, with the Mardown parser Parsedown. You can find out more about this project on Github and use it for yourself, it's very old school however, no fancy frameworks or anything like that.

This website free from cookies. It does not collect any data about you whatsoever.