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Quick Image Resizing on Mac

I work with images a lot and they're typically very large. So I need a way to quickly resize images without opening an app, resizing and exporting.

Enter Automator, always the saviour. With Automator you can do a lot of things, and one of them is creating services. Little nifty tools that show up when you right click on certain files.

alt text

The services show up (like in the image above) when you right click on an image file, or when you select multiple images and right click if you want to resize a batch of images.

alt text

The setup is very simple. Just open up Automator, create a new document and select "Service". After that you can follow the recipe shown in the image above.

  1. Get Specified Finder Items
  2. Copy Finder Items. This makes sure you don't overwrite the original image. Select a folder where you want your resized images to go.
  3. Scale Images. Input the pixel width or percentage you want. As seen above, I've opted to create three services with three different sizes that I commonly use.

Keep in mind that the resized images are not ready for web use. For that, I recommend ImageOptim.