Jonas Raneryd

My name is Jonas Raneryd. Everything I do, create, or find interesting shows up here. It's a simple as that!

Release of the New Website

So it finally happened, after years of neglect, I made a new website for myself.

As you can see, it's simpler than ever. The inspiration comes from Susty, which is an experiment by Jack Lenox on how to build a WordPress site with sustainability in mind. Rather than using WordPress I opted to write a simple flat file Markdown based CMS.

The landing page is a feed of things I want to share, either simple links or articles I write. The only thing missing right now is a simple portfolio page, I'll finish that up soon. In the meantime, any updates to ongoing projects will be found in the feed.

alt text

The website scores 100 in all categories in Lighthouse and the landing page is just 2.6 KB. That's of course thanks to the visual compromise, no images, custom fonts or anything like that. Some posts that I make will obviously have images however, but I'll do everything I can to keep them small.

Well, that's all for now I guess. Thanks for reading, hope to see you around in future updates. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to have a chat.