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How I Use Effortless to Stop Procrastinating

Effortless is the most recent addition to the set of productivity tools I use on the Mac. While it’s a very simple app, it’s one of the most useful ones I use.

Effortless replaces apps like Things or Todoist for me, since I’m currently using Notion to do the more detailed part of project management. The way it works is that you simply come up with todos and set an estimation for how long they should take.

For example:

alt text An initial # means the todo is finished, numbers on the right is your estimation and numbers in parenthesis is the time it actually took to finish.

The app is controlled in the menu bar where you can activate a specific todo, pause, mark as done, open to edit the list and so on.

Really, the app itself is almost too simple, the real benefit I find in it is the productive mindset it puts me in. Every night before I go to sleep, I set up the following day, 5-8 hours of planned todos depending on the day. That simple act of knowing precisely what I need to do, in what order and how long I think each item will take, sets me up for a great day. Rather than arriving at the office not knowing what to start with, each day I have a plan, along with my longer term plans in Notion. Since I’ve also planned the order of each todo, there’s no downtime in-between where I would otherwise spend time deciding what to work on next.

So far my experience with Effortless has been great. I do still end up not finishing everything I thought I would occasionally, because you know, things happen, but I’m far more productive with it than without it.

I recommend giving it a try, it might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

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